ECU Software Integration

Complex automotive products are never developed in a single location due to varied skill set requirements. Multiple development partners and various vendors (often from different parts of the world) work jointly with the help of advanced collaboration and management tools. In this context, continuous integration of the developed software modules becomes essential for the early detection of integration issues. 

The integration team is responsible for:

  • Define integration strategy, process, roles, tools chain, workflows, and branch management
  • Continuous Integration builds infrastructure setup
  • Quality checks for tier-1 boards

Cyber Security

A connected vehicle is also an exposed vehicle and hence brings about challenges of protecting the vehicle from external cyber threats. All Security threats must be detected, prevented, and responded through disciplined engineering and testing practices.

Arctictern possesses a deep domain knowledge in this niche segment and can help its clients formulate and implement a comprehensive strategy for Cyber Security. We develop end to end solutions to protect connected cars against cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities. Our comprehensive security solutions/services protect all areas of vulnerabilities including external interfaces, in-vehicle networks, software updates, and ECU software as a whole.

HMI Development

The continuous and never-ending demand for safe driving, personalized in-vehicle digital systems, evolving connectivity, V2X trends, predictive maintenance, and OTA updates have already turned vehicles into smart machines. To accomplish this flexibility in a connected vehicle environment, new-age automotive HMI solutions need to be much more sophisticated, significant, and contextual for the users.

Automotive HMI – Service Offerings:

  • HMI Design
  • HMI Development
  • Graphics Optimization
  • Customization for multiple program or variants
  • Rapid Prototyping
Human Machine Interface
Platform and Middleware Customization

Platform and Middleware Customization

Arctictern works with leading OEMs and tier-1s for Android & Linux (middleware and platform) customizations to support automotive software requirements.

Arctictern has developed strong competencies and experienced in incorporating 280+ complex security requirements in an architecture that runs two operating systems on top of the same SOC using a hypervisor.

Our proficiency in this domain are:

  • Linux Platform Expertise
  • Android Platform Expertise

Validation & Verification 

Given the nature of the automotive industry and high recall costs, OEMs and vendors have to ensure that the products are delivered with the utmost quality. Verification and Validation at every step, even repeated, is an important step towards that. Building reliable and secure software calls for a fool-proof testing methodology that can validate the functional, non-functional, performance, and usability issues.

Our Offers:

  • Independent verification and validation
  • Test Automation
  • Category Test
  • Milestone Test
  • CAN Test
  • Diagnostics Test
  • Voltage/Power Test
Validation & Verification
Data Annotation

Data Annotation

Our suite of managed labelling services combines manual labelling with best in class annotation tools and machine-driven checks to yield stunningly accurate training data. The labelling services span the following areas

  • Sensor Fusion Annotation
  • Video Annotation
  • 2D Box Annotation
  • 3D Cuboid Annotation
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Categorisation