HMI Development

The continuous and never-ending demand for safe driving, personalized in-vehicle digital systems, evolving connectivity, V2X trends, predictive maintenance and OTA updates have already turned vehicles into smart machines. To accomplish this flexibility in connected vehicle environment, new age automotive HMI solutions need to be much more sophisticated, significant, and contextual for the users.

Arctictern can help you realize the true potential of a Connected Vehicle by implementing state of the art HMI solutions.

HMI Development

Automotive HMI – Service Offerings

We work to create seamless end to end software development and delivery of HMI on In-Vehicle Infotainment systems, Digital Instrument Clusters, Integrated Digital Cockpits with emphasis on Cyber Security across all our HMI service portfolio

Arctictern is competent to build & integrate on Linux, QNX, Fire OS and Android platforms. We customize HMI to suit the customer defined requisites to communicate with any program or device.

HMI Development

Scope of HMI Development

  • Screen design & layout, screen transition, animations, and business logic implementation
  • Separating the screen and business logic.
  • Dynamic skinning
  • Voice Recognition, integrating multimodal, multizone HMI inputs to the IVI
  • Integration with the IVI Platform
  • HMI Performance optimization
  • HMI System testing

HMI Design & Development Considerations

  • Overall Design Methodology
    • Content providers & messages for IPC between application and HMI
    • Large volume data transfer between application & HMI
  • Abstraction of common controls in HMI
    • Identifying common HMI animations and effects pattern
    •  Reducing the complexity by having common controls
  • Responsive HMI design
    • Seamless experience across multiple display types
    • Resource qualifiers, layout selectors & device independent pixel size
  • Support multiple display
    • Use of android fragment & multi-window feature (N-Car)
  • Dynamic Theme Support
    • Material design
    • Apps – common packages to read and store external assets and notify applications
  • 2D/3D HMI
    • Default animation API
    • Hardware acceleration
    • Pixel perfect design realisation
  • Multi Language Support
    • Default android localization mechanisms provided, it suits all geography specific requirements
HMI design and development