Integrated Digital Cockpit

Digital cockpits have matured over the years and major OEMs have started integrating multiple displays into their Digital cockpit domain controllers.

The average number of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) in cars has doubled over the past few years and many cars now incorporate more than 100 ECUs.  It is an increasing trend among automakers to reduce the number of ECUs (ECU Consolidation – designing a single ECU to perform functions of multiple) without sacrificing the functionality.

Our Offerings 

  • Consulting the OEM in defining System Requirements, System Design, System Integration Testing and Performance criteria.
  • Program Management.
  • HMI Development for Automotive.
  • Custom Application Development.
  • Overall Software Integration of IVI software.
  • Overall Verification & Validation.
  • Embedded Development:
    • Linux Middleware & Platform Customisations.
    • Android Middleware & Platform Customisations.

Digital cockpits