Autonomous Drive

Autonomous or Self-Driving vehicle is a Connected vehicle that is aware of its environment, can decide on the safety measures in real-time and drive to the given destination with very little human intervention. The first steps towards a fully autonomous vehicle (level 5) are Assisted Drive features that help the drivers in avoiding errors and reaching the destination safely.

Arctictern has kept pace with the technology has been at the leading edge of developing Ready- To-Integrate solutions for various levels of Autonomous Drive.

Driver Monitoring System

Driver Monitoring System (DMS) uses the latest deep learning methodologies to detect driver’s alertness, stress and wellness level under diverse conditions. The algorithms are developed to obtain real time performance on various hardware platforms.

Driver Monitoring System (DMS) – Features

  • Distraction Detection
  • Drowsiness Detection
  • Wellness Monitoring
  • Driver Assistance
  • Driver Identity Detection


It is now well established that most of the road accidents happen due to driver error. These accidents can be well avoided if the real-time decisions are handed over to machine for establishing the dangers to sufficiently warn the driver or taking over the vehicle controls to carry out countermeasures. These smart features not only increase vehicle and passenger safety but also increases the driver convenience many folds.

  • Object Detection and Tracking
  • Sensor Fusion
  • 3D Scenario Simulation & Virtual Data Creation
  • Statistical Background Separation Video
  • 3D Graphics & Motion Modelling
  • Pattern Recognition