Automated Test Suite

The complexity of infotainment systems and the number of requirements are ever-increasing due to the growing number of electronic control units (ECUs) in cars. Tolerance for bugs is an absolute zero as the costs of recall or upgrades are tremendous due to the nature of the Automotive Industry. Performance is another key criterion in testing Infotainment systems as the end-customer expectations are extremely high. It is quite challenging to test all these complex functions repeatedly for ensuring product quality before the start of production. As frequent integration cycles are in place weekly or bi-weekly, the regressions tests have to be repeated multiple times.  Therefore, it is highly required to carry out these large numbers of test cases and repeated tests by test automation to reduce the test cycles.

Arctictern has developed an Android-based Test Automation Suite that helps in covering test automation in the following four areas of infotainment testing.

  • Regression Tests on continuous integration builds
  • Connectivity Tests (Startups, shut down of multiple cycles)
  • Software update USB and ETH tests
  • CAN diagnostics tests
  • Basic HMI level tests

Features Supported

  • All kinds of logs from the target after test cycles and analysis
  • Configuration of test cycles
  • Memory and CPU performance information during test cycles
  • Automated reports through email

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