Connected Vehicle

A connected vehicle has a mesh that interconnects with the internal subsystems of the vehicle and the network services & systems outside the car. This translates into a seamless exchange of data between external world and the vehicle, thereby multiplying passenger’s experience, convenience, safety, reliability and efficiency. With its extensive experience in the Automotive ecosystem, Arctictern can help realize the true potential of a Connected Vehicle

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

At the heart of a connected vehicle, lies a high evolved In-vehicle Infotainment System (IVI).

Infotainment Software is one of the most complex ECU software (Electronic Control Unit) in the vehicle. Through a customized Human-Machine Interface (HMI), it brings together several subsystems of the vehicle such as

  • Navigation
  • Multimedia Player
  • Voice Commands and Hands-free Phone Integration
  • Vehicle functions (Park assist, Adaptive Cruise control etc) Integration
  • Appstore integrations
  • Climate Control
  • Phone mirroring (Android Auto, Apple CarPlay etc.)
In-Vehicle Infotainment
Digital Instrument Cluster

Digital Instrument Cluster

Digital Instrument Clusters provides vehicle performance and critical information to the driver through guages as well as telltale symbols, chimes and warnings. Clusters have evolved from traditional analog meters to “all-digital” that reconfigures its information layout depending on the volume and context of the information. This drastically reduces the possibility of driver being distracted and thereby promote safe driving.

Major features in Digital Instrument Clusters are:

  • Software Update
  • Logger
  • Power Management
  • Meters/Gauges
  • Information On Demand (IOD)

Integrated Digital Cockpit

Digital cockpits have matured over the years and major OEMs have started integrating multiple displays into their Digital cockpit domain controllers.

The average number of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) in cars has doubled over the past few years and many cars now incorporate more than 100 ECUs.  It is an increasing trend among automakers to reduce the number of ECUs (ECU Consolidation – designing a single ECU to perform functions of multiple) without sacrificing the functionality.

Integrated Digital Cockpit
Android Logger

Android Logger

Arctictern has developed a logger module for Android that provides a log and trace interface for IVI systems. This supports hypervisor and non-hypervisor based systems.

Features Supported

  • Supports online and offline logs
  • Collects logs from multiple OS environment to a common log system
  • Ability to collect logs to USB, Ethernet or internal memory
  • Logs buffered in RAM to preserve emmc write cycles
  • Enable/Disable logs
  • Provision to move/delete all internally collected logs (internal memory) using APIs or connecting USB devices with specific directories