Platform and Middleware Customization

Arctictern works with leading OEMs and tier-1s for Android & Linux (middleware and platform) customizations to support Automotive Software requirements.

Our Offerings


Arctictern has developed strong competencies and experienced in incorporating 280+ complex security requirements in an architecture that runs two operating systems on top of the same SOC using a hypervisor.

With security enhanced Android & Linux policies, our proficiency in this domain are:

Linux Platform Expertise:

  • Boot Time Optimization
  • BSP porting, Driver development and Customization
  • System Security
  • Support on Hypervisor and Software partitioning 
  • Automotive Logging and Tracing 
  • Multimedia stack support including Audio/Video Pipelines, ALSA, V4L2 etc.
  • Network Connectivity, Firewalls, IP routings and Cyber Security
  • Optimized system startup and monitoring

Android Platform Expertise:

  • Boot Time Optimization
  • Custom Power Management for Automotive
  • Logging and Tracing 
  • OEM Specific UI with custom navigation methods, system UI and notifications 
  • Cyber Security 
  • Multiple Variant Handling and SWL Over The Air 
  • Automotive Diagnostics and Engineering Screens
  • Support on Hypervisor and Software partitioning