Boot Time Optimization

The vehicle users are quite used to switching on the ignition and seeing the Instrument panel and Infotainment unit fully functional, without having to wait even for a few seconds (typical boot time for Operating Systems). Therefore, Boot-time optimization for Instrument Clusters and Infotainment units is a key requirement as well a major challenge for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

This is an extremely challenging task that requires deep knowledge of underlying operating system and platform architecture. The architects must really think through every stage of the booting process to come up with the best possible solution.

Arctictern has deep expertise in Linux and Android Platform that enables the team to overcome the challenges of Boot time optimization.

There are many tools for measuring boot time, profiling and instrumentation of boot-up. Typical areas to optimize are

  • Boot loader
  • Kernel: Kernel image size, unwanted configurations, unwanted drivers
  • Logs
  • Considering parallelization
  • File systems, services and applications
  • Boot animation
  • SE Linux polices
  • I/O Tuning